Constructing global innnovation and entrepreneurship services ecosystem

Singapore Technological Innovation Services Group ( referred to as “Singtis” ) is a technology innovation service company co-sponsored by Singapore domestic well-known technology companies, venture capital funds and other enterprises, it provides a package of solutions in the fields of office space, technology research and development, innovation service, venture capital and overseas market development for the technology companies of China, Singapore and Southeast Asia.Singapore Technological Innovation Services (Wuxi) Limited is the operating entity of Singtis in China, it is a subsidiary of SoftwareWorks Holdings Limited (referred to as“SoftwareWorks Holdings”). At present, Singtis has operated more than 200,000 square meters of innovative spaces in China, managed VC Fund over 20 billion RMB,and served more than 2,000 technology companies in China, Singapore and Southeast Asia.


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